Last Lecture

Performance, video, 20'17"

Last Lecture

Video still, performance


— In this last episode of a series of lectures that started with Lecture with Actress (1997), followed by Lecture on Lecture with Actress (2004), a full circle is made. In this performance, the two previous video's projected, and the artist, seen only in the form of a silhouette behind the screen, is dubbing the voice of the second actress, who in her lecture, is recalling the first event.

— Exhibited

Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works, Barbara Visser 1990-2006 / Museum de Paviljoens, Almere / Double Agent, ICA Londen, GB / COVER=reencenação+repetição Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil, 2008 / Translation Paradoxes and Misunderstandings 3, Shedhalle, Zürich, CH

— See also

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