Human Rights Monument Dordrecht



— In 2005, a proposal for a human rights monument in the centre of Dordrecht was selected by the CBK Dordrecht and Amnesty International, to be realized. In 2007, the seriously altered final design was accepted. In 2007 the city council advised against a distortion of this nature in the historical city centre, which is advised to stick with 'The 55 colours of Dordrecht'.

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— Although welcomed by Amnesty and locals alike, as time went on, I myself regarded the first proposal as too dramatic, and decided to develop the work further. First by proposing to name the anonymous square the 'International Amnesty Zone', and creating a stronger formal break with the historical environment. Additionally, a LED generated textline surfaces in the waters of Dordrecht on several locations, showing the templates of Amnesty Internationals' concept letters' which they run on their website, to be used by anyone wanting to make a statement sounding diplomatic to any regime in the world: just fill in the names of people, cities, and countries on the dotted lines.