Actor and Liar

Video, 13'45"

Actor and Liar

Detail, letter returned to sender


— Back to back video projection in which a correspondence between an actor and an imprisoned pathological liar are intertwined. Based on conversations and letters of the artist with the imprisoned René V., who sold 2000 plots of land on the moon.

Actor: Steven van Watermeulen
Liar: Steven van Watermeulen
Camera: Jaap Veldhoen
Sound: Erik Weeda

— Exhibited
Festival a/d Werf, Huis a/d Werf, 2003 (curator: Moritz Küng) / Beauty is the Victory of the mind over matter, Annet Gelink Gallery, 2003 / Space for Your Future, MOT Tokyo, Japan, 2007 (curator: Yuko Hasegawa)

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— Are you a pathological liar and can you tell us about that? We are looking for your participation in a special project. Advertisement in de Volkskrant, dated 06/04/2002