Luna Park

B/W and colour photographs


— Photo series taken in the Parque de Attractiones de Vizkaya, an abandoned amusement park in the mountains near Blibao, Spain. Erected in the 1980s and closed down in the middle of the 1990s the particular architectural shapes are overgrown by plants, creating an array of 'contemporary ruins'.

— Exhibited
Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works, Barbara Visser 1990-2006, Museum de Paviljoens, Almere

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— Initiated by Lisette Smits and Alexis Vaillant, who invited a series of artists to work temporarily with and on the site. Instead of bringing all the works physically together, they've initiated the oppsite; to have a variety of pieces with the same basis spread throughout the art world (and beyond).

— In the photography of ruins, one of the major topics of 19th century photography, certain visual manipulations were common practice, driven by technical aspects of the pictures taken at the time. Especially the 'moonlight pictures' are interesting, as they were often a montage of two separate negatives, made in order to overcome the exposure time differences between the sky and the object of interest.