Twee Projecties/Two Projections

Video and medium format slide projection with sound, 30'

Twee Projecties/Two Projections



— Portrait of Marie van der Sleen - De Vries, born in 1916, by showing the particularities in the furniture designs in her home, which become the vessels in a conversation about life, the role of aesthetics and the role of choice and fate. Recorded in the ‘Bijlmer’, in the Southeast of area of Amsterdam, built in the 1970s. Produced by Bureau Beyond/SKOR.

— Exhibited
Pursuit of Happiness, Beyond, Leidsche Rijn, 2005 / 'Como Viver Juntos', 27th Bienal de Såo Paulo, Brazil, 2006 / Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, 2006 / Construction Time Again, Lisson Gallery, London, UK, 2007

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— Look around and you’ll see that there are no beautiful clocks.

A while back I went to buy a watch for you at HEMA, and you said: “it must be as simple as possible”. When I returned with a simple watch you said: “I would prefer it a tiny bit simpler, a simpler one must exist”.

I can believe that about myself. I am mainly concerned with function.

But if it’s really about the function you could wear any old watch.

What kind of watch could I wear then?

You could wear any watch if it is really only telling the time that matters.

You are right. Yes, but I wouldn’t want that. For example, I would find a decorated watch unbearable.


Each time I looked at it I would think: ugh, what a monster. I have the same problem with that thing my neighbour gave me, with the hanging blobs. It really irritates me, but I don’t want to upset her. But it remains ugly. One never gets used to it.

What do you find so irritating about it?

It is not kind to the eye.
It is not aesthetic.