Toekomstige Groeten/Future Greetings

Set of 12 postcards 10 x 15 cm

Toekomstige Groeten/Future Greetings

Postcards, overview


— A series of postcards depicting regional museums of the future in the province of Zuid- Holland. Questioning the Ducth attitude where the ‘cult of the new’ overrules just about everything. The ongoing efforts to elevate the social, cultural and natural characteristics of The Netherlands onto the meta- perspective of the museum, create an artificiality that suits this country well. The cards depict the the Headwind Museum, the Museum for Dynamic Traffic, Museum of Shopping Behaviour, The Sun Worshipping Museum.

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— Holland has the highest museum density in the world; we like to look at things, learn about things rather than do them ourselves, it seems. The paradox is that by preserving and re-editing so much of the past, historical facts (buildings, actions) are becoming more like an invention than a dynamic part of our cultural evolution.