Lecture on Lecture with Actress

Performance, video

Lecture on Lecture with Actress

Performance still


— Lecture on Lecture with Actress by Barbara Visser is a return to an earlier work, in which an actress gave an artists' talk as Barbara Visser, while Visser told her what to say through an earpiece. This video shows a different actress giving a lecture, again as Barbara Visser, on the first performance, illustrating her talk with video footage. Self (re)presentation  becomes entangled in conceptual strategies that result in carefully choreographed confusion. (text by Sven Lütticken)

— Exhibited
Funky Lessons, Buro Friedrich, Berlin and BAWAG Foundation, Vienna (curator: Jörg Heiser) / Life, Once More, Witte de With, Rotterdam (curator: Sven Lütticken)

— See also

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