Ping-Pong for the People

Reinforced concrete


— Three concrete copies of Zigzag chairs by Gerrit Rietveld are placed on a square in a residential area of Tilburg (Kasteeldreef). This area is hosting a vast collection of idiot-proof public space furniture: seats, garbage cans, picknick benches, a ping-pong table, a fenced dog-poo area and a collection of ‘wip-kippen’ (playground chickens).

— Exhibited
Silhouettes 'n' Shadows, Fundament Foundation Tilburg, 2001

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— ‘My first proposal for the location described above was to loosely scatter hundreds of concete ping pong balls around the square, for people to look at, play with, or take home, where the balls would live on forever in the fruit bowl or under the sofa.The proposal was not accepted as being ‘too dangerous’. Since I had grown fond of the title, I’ve kept it for the other piece.’