Video, 10'14"


Excerpt, 19''


— Small choreograpies of everyday movements in Dunaujvaros, Hungary, where this modeltown was erected after WWII, to offer good quality living for the employees of the local steel plant. A city of which the design is mainly driven to host parades celebrating Communism, and the crowds watching these, the ‘ideal’ streets appear desolate in the remaining time, which is permanently now.

— Exhibited
The Dialectics of Progress, ICA Dunaujvaros, Hungary / Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere

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— A work which had an ‘unfinished’ status for a number of years, remaining ‘on the shelf’, turned out to be a worthwile addition to the overview exhibition Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works (2006).