Video, separate audio track, set photographs


Excerpt, 24


— Deconstructed portrait of Philippa van Loon, youngest heir of the Van Loon family, who depicts all three characters in the video herself, showing a Dutch, a French and an English female aristocrat.
Filmed at her childhood residence, currently Museum Huis van Loon in Amsterdam, which displays period pieces from the van Loon family heritage.

—  Exhibited
The Discovery of Slowness, Ceac, Xiamen, China / Mimétisme, Extra City, Antwerp, B 2008 / The Discovery of Slowness, KW14, Den Bosch, NL, & The National Centre of Photography of the Russian Federation, Sint Petersburg, RUS / H x B x D = de Rabo Kunstcollectie, GEM Den Haag, 2005 / Villa Arson, Nice, 2002 / For Real, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2001 / Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, 1999 / Museum Huis van Loon, Amsterdam, curated by Zapp Magazine 1998

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— Invited to make a work about the Van Loon family for the exhibition Roommates in 1998, held at Museum Huis van Loon, I chose to focus on Philippa, the last heir of the family, and of my generation- born in de middle of the 1960's. Although we both grew up in Amsterdam in the 1970s, our circumstances at home were radically different. We've worked closely together on this ‘biography’, in which different accents of family members are being recalled and redone by Philippa, who, in the video, is always looking for her other self.