16 mm film transfered to video, first edit 37’


Video still


— In a combination of drama and documentary, Carl Gustav Jungs 'drastic actions of the unconscious' are being examined through various subjects. Gary, the car mechanic who has been abducted by aliens, Steve who suspects his house is hosting poltergeists, Ms. Ross who films Ufo's regularly from her bedroom window, Steve, who dedicates his life to 'Nessie', and more. shot in Scotland, GB, to be first shown at the Tramway art Centre in Glasgow, in the exhibition 'The Unbelievable Truth'.

— Exhibited
Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam / Verbindingen/Jonctions, Paleis voor de Schone Kunsten, Brussel / International Filmfestival Rotterdam IFFR / The Unbelievable Truth, Tramway, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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