One episode (video), one calendar of 1995


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— Guest appearance of the artist in the popular Lithuanian television series Gimines (Relatives), as Dutch artist Barbora Visser, wife of an expat surgeon.

Although a drama series with predictable storylines, Gimines is a remarkable example of how the state of a nation can be reflected through television; for various reasons (budget f.i.) the series is shot almost documentary-style, with actors in their own clothes, and everything is shot on location. For Vissers' guest appearance, some scenes were filmed in the Contemporary Art Centre of Vilnius, where an exhibition of Dutch contemporary art took place.

— Exhibited
Mediascapes, Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona, Spain, 2004/2005 / Spiral TV / Wacoal Art Centre, Tokyo, Japan, 1999 / Ecce... en Nietzsche, Trust Theater, Amsterdam, 1997 / New Balance, Twelve artists from the Netherlands, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania 1995

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— A considerable effort was made to have Barbora appear on the December plate of the calendar: the importance of her husband, the doctor of the series, played a crucial role in the directors' decision.