Interview met Duiker/Interview with Duiker

Video, 15’

Interview met Duiker/Interview with Duiker


— In 'Interview met Duiker' a dialogue takes place between a journalist and the architect of the former newscinema CINEAC, played by actors. In the monument building, a live via satellite connection is made to the unknown location where the architect, who died in 1935, resides.
A fifteen minute interview is directly projected onto a video screen for the visitors. The reception is troubled by the (at the time, 1994) common technical difficulties of live transmission, such as a-synchronicity and frequent drop outs of image and sound.

The conversation itself is marked by the gap between the young journalists’ nostalgic perspective on modernist architecture, and 104-year old Duikers’ view, which are as modern as they ever were. 

— Exhibited
Cinema Actuel, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, 1994

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— Visser: 'We are inclined to think that the perception of the visitor of the Cineac in 1934 was more innocent and naïve than the presumably trained and critical view of the audience today. But just as the viewer then was carried along with what was called 'the moving newspaperphoto’, today (1994, B.V.) the "live via satellite" images can trigger the same excitement that was so beautifully described at the opening of the CINEAC as "the simultaneousness of all lives".'