Hilton Piece

Video 50'


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— Original tape (disintegrated Mini DV Metal-E tape by Sony), an excerpt of 8 minutes remains.

Video produced and shown during ‘Art Hotel’, which took place in The Amsterdam Hilton International Hotel. The video was shown on the hotels’ internal TV channel, and was shot in the reconstructed John & Yoko Honeymoon suite on the top floor of the hotel.

— Exhibited
Art Hotel Hilton International, Amsterdam, 1994 / Life, Once More, Witte de With, Rotterdam 2005

— See also

1994 Hilton Piece (bed I & II)

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— The ‘home-video’ style has become a common visual form since the mid 90’s when the the camcorder became a general household commodity. In 1994 however, this video still created a hard contrast on TV, when broadcasted between the regular ‘professional’ looking TV channels.

— The Sony Hi-8 Metal-E tape, the most expensive type available at the time, later proved the worst tape in terms of conservation: the visible material has turned into a curtain of snow.