Double Features


Double Features

Double Features, installation detail


— Not long before making an exhibition at Objectif Exhibitions, I received an email by a unknown lady called Martie. She had stumbled upon a book I had made in my student days, showing a photograph of a young man.

It was a study of a face I had made 26 years earlier, as a first year Photography student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After the sitting with Rutger, as his name was, I scribbled his first name on the film and archived the pictures like that. As this was my first and only encounter with him, I had no last name. Perhaps I never even gave him a proper print.

The reason Rutger was recommended to me by a fellow student, was that I was searching for a young person with an a-symmetrical face, to photograph. Seeing the picture struck Martie like lightning, as Rutger had been her partner and was the father of their son. He had died sometime before our encounter.

After seeing Martie, I decided to make an installation taking the story of Rutger and his untimely death as a point of departure. His fall down the stairs, in a museum in Switzerland, was probably due to an asymmetry in his sight, and not being able to correct a misstep in a split second, because his eyes had little depth of field. And although we will never know for sure how has happened in detail, the thought of a correlation ties his fall to the origin of this work.

A collaboration with Elsa Louise Manceaux who designed the walls and text projections and assisted with the exhibition, and Mai Abu ElDahab and Marnie Slater at Objectif Exhibitions.

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— Elsa Louise Manceaux made these sketches for the wall, alternating between the visual and the textual. The words HALF and FALL formed structures, the patterns returning in the tapedrawings on the windows.

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