The End of Sitting 1:1

short film, 16'

The End of Sitting 1:1



The End of Sitting is an installation at the crossroads of visual art, architecture, philosophy and empirical science. In our society almost the entirety of our surroundings have been designed for sitting, while evidence from medical research suggests that too much sitting has adverse health effects. RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances] and visual artist Barbara Visser have developed a concept wherein the chair and desk are no longer unquestionable starting points. Instead, the installation’s various affordances solicit visitors to explore different standing positions in an experimental work landscape. The End of Sitting marks the beginning of an experimental trial phase, exploring the possibilities of radical change for the working environment. This project is a spatial follow-up of the recently released mute animation 'Sitting Kills' by RAAAF | Barbara Visser, developed for the Chief Government Architect of the Netherlands.

The End of Sitting is a collaboration with Looiersgracht 60

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— Starting with a short animation film, a rendering of how ia landscape of affordances could look, RAAAF moved on to creating a 1:1 model, to start testing different standing positions.
With a group of performers, the film was shot, whereas the audio is taken from the recordings of two expert meetings, that serves as the voiceover for the film. https://vimeo.com/123212930