A Symmetrical Study

Mirrored installation in a mirrored space

A Symmetrical Study

Installation view at STUK


— Can scientific aspects of symmetry be used to highlight the relevance of questions intrinsic to contemporary art, such as autonomy, authenticity and engagement with questions regarding the real and the artificial?

As tempting as it is to create a symbolic and circular research into symmetry reflecting the research itself, given the broader cultural complexity of the subject, this yearlong research is therefore not only about symmetry in and of itself, but about its different meanings and manifestations in the “real world” and its possible relevance to an artistic practice.

First shown at Playrgound Festival, Leuven 2009

In collaboration with Joana Meroz

Joana Meroz graduated from the IM Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009


The works/copies shown were: Rutger (1989), Philippa (1998), Berlin Chair Loveseat/ Model (2001/2009), East/ West (2009)

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— The first phase was the exhibition at STUK/ Playground 2009, in which several works by Barbara Visser were shown in such a way as to overtly explore their (a-)symmetrical dimensions. In this phase, the physical aspect of the work was the most prominent, and it raised questions as to whether the autonomy of the pieces was subjugated to such an extent as to rob them of their autonomy and transform them simply into ‘props’ at the service of a greater art piece. The second phase will explore the temporal and physical dimensions of symmetry. In November 2010 a lecture will be given in the auditorium of the university in which, although the driving force behind the research and final output is symmetry, it will be developed and communicated in a more covert way; the aim is that the audience experiences (a-)symmetry rather than is being lectured on it. This point will explore the authenticity and originality of an art piece since it happens singularly in time and space.