Wall Text: Translated Working/Translated Work: Barbara fisherman 1990-2006

Black transfer text on white wall


— Entrance text for the exhibition Vertaalde Werken/Translated Works, Barbara Visser 1990-2006, written by the educational staff of the museum on the artists' request, translated by Babel Fish, a common internet translation tool.

– Exhibited
Vertaalde Werken/Translated works, Barbara Visser 1990-2006 Museum de Paviljoens, Almere

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— One of the main principles of this exhibition was to show the act of exhibiting, and the difficulties of it. The wall text (as such) was an indispensible example of the language that most exhibitions for a large-audience use. As one of the conventional means to introduce an audience into the life and work of an artist, the visitor accepts, even hopes, that by this knowledge the gaze will be guided as well as coloured. By using the rough translation of the computer, form and content of the text became separate issues to deal with. Other examples of meta-exhibiting revolved around the name tages for the works: rather than making them 'invisible' the text was a visual element in the space: A-4 sized pages with a large font torn out of the guide accompanying the show, and glued onto the wall. Design by Laurenz Brunner.