The Fast of the Past is the Slow of Tomorrow

Text with marker on the gallery wall

The Fast of the Past is the Slow of Tomorrow

Detail, Annet Gelink Gallery


Wall drawing, mirrored text, in this picture part of the installation Former Futures II at Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, 2008

– Exhibited
Annet Gelink Gallery, Former Former Futures II, (solo exhibition)

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2008 Former Futures II

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— The social and industrial upward developments in the first half of the 20th century stand diametrically opposed to the way progress is viewed and expressed nowadays: the glorification of speed is now only justified when it allows for a deceleration of our lives –  which is currently synonymous for “a better quality of life”. 

Lead printing characters from the presses of Alex Barbaix, photographed and drawn on the gallery wall, refer to the reversal of time, or being unconscious of time, like animals.

— Slothism poster, Barbara Visser/Veronica Ditting