Former Futures II

Installation with light, colour foils, b/w photography, collage, sound and text, 23'14

Former Futures II

Installation view, Annet Gelink Gallery


— Second part of the project originally conceived for the Palazzo delle Poste in Trento, for Manifesta 7. Revolving around the commission (in the 1930s) of six large stained windows for the building, the first part of Former Futures was shown in the building discussed in the piece itself. Former Futures II, here removed from the original setting, takes the elements of the installation as shown in Trento, Italy, and translates them in various directions: from colour to black & white, from a scale of 1:1 to 1:5, from horizontal to vertical – remixing far and recent history alike.

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2008 Collage E.U.R. Palazzo Della Civiltà Romana by Hiroshi Sugimoto
2008 Former Futures I

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— The moulding and reshaping of history can be more than just a drama we have to cope with, when we're conscious of doing it.
By showing an originally site-specific work in a new context, separated from the 'inherited' connotations provided by the first location, I have considered questions about representation of historical fact and my own work at once.

— Below a detail of the original stained glass window design by Fortunato Depero, 1933/34.