The Complete Incomplete Series 2007 - 1987


The Complete Incomplete Series 2007 - 1987

Cover, 225 x 300 mm


— This publication brings together nineteen serial works based on photography by Dutch artist Barbara Visser. Each series is extended, elucidated and augmented with related material from the artist’s archive, sometimes by the addition of images used or reworked by others. As such, these collections reveal the context in which a specific work was created, while also showing the way time endows the works with new meaning.

Starting from Barbara Visser’s recent work and ending with works dating from her student days at art college, this book offers a chronologically reversed retrospective of an oeuvre in which works expand and mutate through reappraisal and new interpretations.
The Complete Incomplete Series is published on the occasion of the award to Barbara Visser of the Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Art 2008, awarded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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— The paper Montana, originally produced for labels of wine bottles, is matt on one side and shiny on the reverse. On the matt side a raster of 18 is used for the photographs, on the shiny raster 80. The book has two covers. Selected as one of the Best Book Designs of 2008.

— Veronica Ditting (left) and Barbara Visser

— Design by Veronica Ditting, 270 pages, full colour, ISBN 978-90813-3701-4

— Nominated for the AICA-Award Publications 2006-2007