Barbara Visser is er niet

JRP Ringier, hardcover, 120 pages

Barbara Visser is er niet

Hardcover, 20 x 28 cm


— First monograph featuring the works of Barbara Visser. Texts by Jennifer Allen, Paul Elliman, Maria Grever, Jörg Heiser, Alexis Vaillant and Barbara Visser. Edited by Lisette Smits, Design by Mevis & van Deursen/Felix Weigand

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— The one and only guideline given to the designers of this publication was: 'the text should not be an illustration of the images and vice versa'. The writers, with the exception of the artist and Maria Grever (by whom a longer version of the text 'The Choreography of Time' was accidentally found by the artist on the internet), were all given a general theme to write about, such as 'Psychology", 'Time', 'Myth', 'Identity', and 'Animism', and were requested to work with a set of obstructive rules: they were never to mention the artist Barbara Visser, and could not describe works in the paste tense in their texts. Paul Elliman wrote about the untranslatable Dutch word 'er' from the title, which might explain why the title of this book with just English text is in Dutch.

— JRP Ringier, Hardcover, 120 pages, ISBN 10: 3-905770-25-3/ ISBN 13:978-3-905770-25-4